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After more than 25 years dedicated to local community development we were asked by mining communities to work with them. The Resource Sector in Australia, the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil , Ecuador and Africa wanted to Enterprise Facilitation to develop parallel economies that can sustain mine cycles and closures. We have been training mining companies, and communities impacted by their operations to address their Social License to Operate. Here is a unique opportunity to combine the success of Sirolli’s community development and the Resource Sector.

Our approach is called Enterprise Facilitation(R) It is based on the belief that, in every community,  people have a wish to suuport their families by doing beautifully what they love to do. We provide training for a competent, confidential and free service that helps entrepreneurs supported by a locally managed initiative establish rewarding and long lasting enterprises. Job creation to service the mine and survive the mine life.

Mining companies are our partners in the expansion and diversification of the local economy , breaking the cycle of dependency, strengthening the local economy and creating portable skills . We teach the tools to respond to the  passion of  local people who are totally committed to the success of their venture.

Enterprise Facilitation diversifies the economy and leaves behind a legacy of entrepreneurial know how that can be applied equally to business and social enterprises.

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